Why Vista is better than XP on Tablet PCs


There is no doubt that Tablet PCs running Windows Vista are far and away better than those running XP, because there are a lot of features in Vista that take full advantage of the Tablet PC pen and digitizer interface.  MVP Craig Pringle has penned a good overview that shares what those Vista features are and why they make the Tablet experience so much better.  Craig breaks it down into three main areas– security, ease of use, and efficiency so you can see the breadth of improvement Vista Tablets bring over XP.  This is a must read for anyone on the fence about either getting a Tablet with Vista or upgrading one from XP.  Great job, Craig.


Muliadi Jeo

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I installed Vista on my wife’s Panasonic R3 notebook. I think the overall experience is great. I love how they follow MAC OS X on organizing your file (not buried down inside document and setting folder). The performance is not that bad at all on R3 even tough the unit only has Pentium M 1Ghz and 1G memory on it.


I think you guys are right and I think I have a weak stomach for the current tablet technology on tablet PC :)

JKONTHERUN and GOTTABEMOBILE both offers so much cool and sincere stuffs that no other professional magazine offer such specific needs for this technology.

I don’t know; I just can’t stand Tablet PC for a sustained long period of time. My eyes get sored, mind get tired easily, heat may not be an issue for most but writing on several smooth sheets of Maruman certainly beat that. But I will like to see the ongoing development of tablet technology especially so many good stuffs come out of Vista.

By the way, Iliad ereader does not run on the general hardwares like Vista and runs 12 hours battery life :) But it is still early development. I think this is my dream tablet: writing on a tablet without much electromagnetic, “heat!”, ridiculous short battery life, and light weight. But such technology is still at its infant development.


From everything I have heard Vista is definitely the way to go. Luckily I had my tablet stolen several months ago. Why lucky? Well it was the older M200 (the one with the dodgy screen) and the insurance co generously replaced it with the latest M400. Only 1G of RAM but with a bit of finger work I can probably get it up to 1.5G. (BTW also getting a top of the range P100/Vista, thanks Mr insurance guy).

(I want to know if Willy is responding to the right post. Did he actually read what you wrote?)


The heat and battery life issues have nothing to do with XP, Vista, or OS X. It has more to do with your choice of hardware. My P1610 has none of the issues you note, and it’s a pleasure to work with.

Fabian Dietrich

What are you talking about? Tablet technology is all about using it like paper and pen! If you can’t deal with inking, use the keyboard. the T4215 is a convertible, isn’t it?
And the heat thing has absolutely nothing to do with it being a Tablet OR with the operating system!
And what do you mean “forcing the TPC to a platform”? Microsoft happen to be the only ones producing a serious base for these devices. Apple could certainly manufacture a Tablet PC, and I’m sure most of us would be extremely happy about it. What are you suggesting?

Am I missing something?


Willy Lau

Dear Mr. Kendrick,

This is an interesting article. However, I feel that both Vista and XP tablet PC are the worst platforms for tablet techonology yet Vista OS is a great and improved OS for general computer and laptop uses especially when it delivers so many great features. However regarding to tablet technoloy in Vista, I have run Vista on my new T4215 and the result is great as a computer user. However as a student who has to study a lot and lots of notes to take, using a tablet is simply pain in the ass. The biggest and the most annoying issue is the heat that produced on top of the tablet, nevermind the heat that produced on the lap. Imagined writing hours on a hot tablet is simply annoying. In addition to that, library and school often set in different room temperatures and usually in a warm temperatures in winter in New York, the tablet will then absorb more heat and will get really hot only 2 to 3 hours of use on the right side of the screen tablet. Sometimes I cannot study outside because I’m using a heated potatoe while my friends can carry their words whereever they want. I believe tablet technology is the future but forcing the tablet platform in either Windows and Mac system is still flawed. Let’s not mention the short battery life.
I hope your website and your great works can also mention other useful tablet alternatives that can truly replace the paper and pen


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