Security vs. Convenience

UsersMy Powerbook’s hard drive died last summer, so when I rebuilt it I set up three users, one as the “Super Duper All Powerful” User, and one for my day job (“mike-work”) and one for my personal stuff (“mike-home”). The Admin user is only used for system upgrades and installing software. I don’t have to worry about any kind of rogue software that I run doing bad things to the entire system, just the one user. I use Retrospect to keep things backed up to my iMac. This setup worked very well.

Well, I’m no longer working for the non-profit I used to work for. I’m now a stay-at-home contractor, and loving it. Which means I don’t need two separate work and home accounts. I’m wondering if I should re-install my computer with only one user, and run everything as the Super Duper All Powerful User, or if I should have the admin user, and one account that is for my day to day usage. While the security of using a non-admin user for daily tasks is important, the loss of convenience is a bit of hassle. I’d love to hear the thoughts of other Mac users and experts out there about the balance of security and convenience.


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