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Rumored Samsung Q2 spotted on engadget

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I’ve been really busy and couldn’t get something up about the Samsung Q2 that has appeared on engadget.  Thanks to the many of you who emailed me asking where our take on this device was.  It’s right here.  :)  This device is reported to be the next generation UMPC to follow up the company’s successful Q1 line.  While the Q2 information leaked to engadget is speculation there are some interesting things worth discussing.

Samsung Q2 courtesy of engadget

First up is the inclusion of an unknown Intel processor, something I’m glad to see as the Via processor in one of the Q1 models is not really proven yet.  Intel is the way to go in my book so no complaints here.  Samsung has also included two separate cameras, one on the front for use as a web cam and another on the back for use as a regular camera.  I’m not sure I’d want to use such a big device as a camera but at least it would be there if the photo opportunity cropped up.  There is also a split QWERTY thumb board, a feature that can be found on several other devices.  This might be handy in a pinch but I can’t see getting a lot of use out of it personally.

What’s really interesting is the integrated wireless connectivity options.  In addition to the standard Bluetooth and WiFi according to the leaked information the Q2 will have WiBro and HSDPA, two high speed connections that are gaining in popularity in Samsung’s native Korea.  Neither one will do you much good in most places yet, but it’s definitely cutting edge.

The video resolution of the Q2 is 1024 x 600, a resolution that I’ve wished all 7” UMPCs would use.  It’s perfect for the screen size which one assumes is 7” like the Q1, although interestingly in some of the photos that engadget is displaying the device looks smaller than the Q1 to me.  We’ll have to wait and see on this one.  I hope that the inclusion of all the new stuff on the front of the device (like the keypads) don’t require the loss of the great speakers the Q1 is famous for.  The addition of array microphones (dual) on the Q2 is really nice and should make speech recognition and VoIP applications like Skype very practical on the new UMPC.

The Samsung Q2 will be fun to watch as additional information continues to come out.  We’ll keep you informed as it trickles in.

28 Responses to “Rumored Samsung Q2 spotted on engadget”

  1. well, where do you rest your thumb when holding it with just one hand and using the other to write/tap on the screen??

    The sides are full of buttons and it seems you can’t hold it without pressing a button or another.

    I have the same problem while holding the Asus, the right place to put your thumb without pressing anything is pretty small and you end up moving it while holding the device (change of position for comfort) and prssing buttons all the time.

  2. Looking at that pic, it no longer has the sleekness of the Q1. It’s boxier — like the, gulp!, Asus. I also wonder about those keys. Are they hard or soft plastic? Man, do I want to fondle that baby!!

  3. OK, never mind. When I went to YouTube itself (instead of just trying to play YT clips embedded in others blogs), I was told I had neither JavaScript nor Flash. I guess that also accounted for WP blogs looking really bad.

    And it was JK who did that post, but I wound up addressing Kevin — because Kevin still has his Q. Hey, Kevin, where’s that MacBook you ordered?!!?

  4. I’m tap-tap-tapping this on a O1 at the Samsung Experience. Also using HWR, which clearly is not as good as it is under Vista. But here’s the thing. My WordPress blog looks like crap in IE! You with Qs, go to my blog and tell me if it formats properly, please! Another weird thing – YouTube vids won’t load or play! WTF is up with all this?

    Kevin, I just looked at the Engadget pics of the O2 — it still has stereo speakers — just smaller!

    Ooh, I want one!!

  5. If someone asked me to design a new UMPC based on my Q1 experience, I doubt I have done better than Q2! I’m very excited. According to some reports from Korean papers, the CPU is Intel single core and price will be around $1000 though I suspect there will be some variations in specs and $1000 will be for the lowest one.

  6. daryl d

    I don’t have an external cd rom for the q1 vista. I do have a cd rom on my hp laptop. I’ll see if I can upload through that. I’ll be home in abt. 5 hrs and I’ll keep you posted. I’m really torn between keeping the q1 vista or the ux380. I do a lot of notetaking and the new q1 is great for that. But I like the ux380 form factor and can’t stand the 800 by 480 resolution on the q1. Then again, the battery life on the q1 is far superior to that of the ux380.

  7. Andreaccs, if you are interested, email me at muliadi at icube dot us. I have a unit that I am letting go for $800 plus shipping. It is brand new never used but the seal of the box is broken. We can provide you with invoice so that you can get full one year warranty on the unit. Let me know.

  8. Daryl,

    Any chance you could post up the drivers off the CD you got with the Q1P Vista somewhere for us Q1P Vista upgraders while we wait for Samsung to officially put them on their site?

    If you need space, I can give you what you need.
    If not, I understand, but if you could, man, you would be my hero of the day!

  9. >>>There is also a split QWERTY thumb board, a feature that can be found on several other devices.

    Several?! All I know of is the Pepper Pads. What have I missed?

    Hey, all those critics who carped about lack of keyboards on UMPCs have to STFU with this one!

    I’m hoping it will retain the ability to switch resolutions. I can see see a need for the standard res currently used — like saving my eyesight! Any math heads here who can do the necessary division on this new screen res?

  10. on the mouse thing in vista

    There should be an icon on your taskbar to turn on / off the hand icon. if the icon isn’t there, right click your toolbar and see what toolbars are available.

    also some background info:

    answer found on the gbm forums:

  11. This looks great to me if price is reasonable. Personally I liked the old form factor, but this looks promising as well.

    Hope WiBro and HSDPA is optional or not adding much to the price. Better screen is fantastic. Big improvement. Wonder if which level of sensitivity the screen has.

    The split keypad is probably a plus, but I don’t like the idea of typing on a tiny keyboard that is split. My eyes have to dart back and forth and I sort of lose my bearings.

  12. daryl d

    speaking of cool, i now have the vista version of the q1p: amazing machine that’s a lot brighter that the previous q1p. Also, handwriting is not jagged anymore. However, does anybody know how to remove that annoying mouse that pops up when you touch the screen and gets in the way of everything?