New Fujitsu P1610 Vista driver gets it right


New P1610 audio driverThere hasn’t been anything more slippery than a good Vista driver for the P1610 audio driver.  The several versions that have appeared on the various Fujitsu support sites have gotten better each time but still had shortcomings, particularly in the microphone area.  I got an email today from Andrew Forde which pointed out there is a new audio driver on the European Fujitsu support site so the first thing I did was visit the Fujitsu US site which as of yesterday was still only offering the original Vista driver which quite frankly isn’t very good.  Not so today, the new driver is now on the US site as well as the European site.  I installed it today and it’s finally as good as the XP driver!  The volume level is easily 2 – 3 times louder than all the early Vista drivers and the internal microphone is working like it did under XP.  I went through the speech recognition tutorial using the internal mic and it worked flawlessly.  If you’ve upgraded to Vista on your P1610 then don’t delay, grab the new driver right now.



Has anyone done a clean install of Vista Business on the P1610? If so, can you do this with the external CD? (I have an MSDN subscription, so I have Vista Business on DVD.) And is it up to par with all the Vista drivers?

(I’m debating whether to buy the P1610, and the determining factor is if Vista runs smoothly on it, and if I can do a clean install on it after I buy the P1610 with XP Tablet PC 2005 Edition.)

Can someone tell me:
1) yes. install Vista from the an external DVD drive.
2) yes. ALL Vista drivers work well.

Rock on Tablets!

Jefferson Berlin

Thanks for the head’s up, James. I’ve installed Vista now and everything is going smoothly, but I am wondering what you have done about Omnipass fingerprint scanning in Vista? I have the fingerprint driver installed, but I have yet to receive the promised Fujitsu Vista Express disk and as far as I can tell the Fujitsu site does not offer the updated Omnipass software. I’m about to give up on ever getting the Express upgrade disks. I miss my thumbprint login! It’s the last missing piece on my P1610.


Andrew Forde

Paul – let me know how you get on with Orca. They were excellent with mine, shipping it between Christmas and New Year a few days earlier than they originally quoted. It is running really well and so far I haven’t had any issues with it.

I might use Orca again but I’d like a second opinion first.


JK great find, downloading these drivers now.

Now all I need is a auto cradle so I can use the GPS in my auto!!

You need forums!!!

Paul J Shadwell

Wow!! Thanks Andrew, that is fantastic. Thankyou very much for the feedback. I have just ordered my 1Gb module from them.
I’m also English but living in Zurich, Switzerland. It’s not easy to find the latest stuff here either. I had me P1610 shipped over from the States. I am extremely happy with it.

Andrew Forde

When I was looking for a ram upgrade for mine I had to have a real hunt around the internet. Even worse I am in the UK so I was faced with limited (and therefore expensive) choice here or import from the US (at a fairly high cost!).

However I got lucky –

I ordered my ram from here at a delivered cost of £187.41. That’s far better than the quoted price from Fujitsu.

I know this doesn’t help directly but I hope it gives you some hope to keep hunting!!

Paul J Shadwell

Will Vista run on the P1610 in 512Mb at a reasonable tack?
I bought the P1610 with 512Mb because it was so much cheaper than the 1Gb version thinking I’d buy the 1Gb later but at an average cost of $800 for the 1Gb Dimm it’s still over priced, but worse it now turns out that the DIMM is propretory for the P1610. Which means the price is unlikely to come down anytime soon.
Of course if I’m wrong and someone has another solution I’d be happy to hear it.


This is also true for the T4210! I’m so happy my sound finally works like it was designed to!

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