New Fujitsu P1610 Vista driver gets it right

New P1610 audio driverThere hasn’t been anything more slippery than a good Vista driver for the P1610 audio driver.  The several versions that have appeared on the various Fujitsu support sites have gotten better each time but still had shortcomings, particularly in the microphone area.  I got an email today from Andrew Forde which pointed out there is a new audio driver on the European Fujitsu support site so the first thing I did was visit the Fujitsu US site which as of yesterday was still only offering the original Vista driver which quite frankly isn’t very good.  Not so today, the new driver is now on the US site as well as the European site.  I installed it today and it’s finally as good as the XP driver!  The volume level is easily 2 – 3 times louder than all the early Vista drivers and the internal microphone is working like it did under XP.  I went through the speech recognition tutorial using the internal mic and it worked flawlessly.  If you’ve upgraded to Vista on your P1610 then don’t delay, grab the new driver right now.


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