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Magnolia Pictures Subpoenas Google For Identities Of Copyright Violators

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On the surface, the demand by Magnolia Pictures, a film company co-owned by Mark Cuban, to know who uploaded copyright material on Google and YouTube seems like other efforts to do the same. As Reuters reports, among others, . Magnolia wants to know who posted clips from its films, which include Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room and the Korean horror movie The Host, which is being released today. Late Thursday night Cuban used his blog to explain that what he really wants is data: “I have no intention of pulling an RIAA and suing the users. I do have every attention of sending subpoenas early and often to get the names and emails of users uploading our content they have pirated. … I want to ask them some simple questions. The first of which is why ? Sure there are a lot of possible and obvious answers, but maybe the will tell me something new or interesting that I can learn from. The 2nd question will be whether they were induced by Google in any way to upload the video. Not that I think Google coerced them in any way. I don’t. But I want to know if they feel that Google endorses and supports uploading and streaming of pirated content. I want to know why they ignored the warnings that are on the video upload page.”
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One Response to “Magnolia Pictures Subpoenas Google For Identities Of Copyright Violators”

  1. Right. Everyone believe Mr. Cuban.

    Will those who ignored warnings on the upload page admit it, or will they feel coerced by Mr. Cuban's subpeonas to tell him that now they do indeed feel Google "endorses and supports blah blah" or they wouldn't have done it.