MedTab- specialized Windows CE medical tablet


MedTabAs nice as the recently announced Motion C5 is for healthcare professionals a new tablet style device from Emano Tec may be more appealing for daily usage.  The MedTab takes a different approach from the Motion device in a number of key areas that I think make a lot of sense for typical medical practices.  First up Emano Tec went with Windows CE using Internet Explorer in kiosk mode. While makes for more limited usage than the C5 it makes sense for this type of device that needs to be locked down, with a focused application base.  The OS coupled with the electronic ink display insures the device will run all day without charging, with a 12 hour quoted run time by the company.  The MedTab will be expensive with a starting price of just under $5,000 but hey, our insurance is paying for it, right?  Full specs after the jump.

(via ubergizmo)

  • Portable – 12 Ounces, measuring 5.5” X 7.5” X 0. 5” which comfortably fits a lab coat pocket
  • High Resolution Display – 1024×768 pixels using a proprietary E-Ink high contrast, low power “digital paper” display.
  • Rugged – capable of withstanding 30g impact
  • Touch Screen (including pen for notations)
  • Intel 624MHz Processor
  • WinCE OS
  • Bluetooth for audio or data transfer
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Audio In/Out
  • 802.11/g WIFI
  • Cisco’s OEM security Client– supporting state of the art wireless security

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