Good Bits From Around The Blogs

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  • AllPeers, the Firefox-based P2P system is going open source.
  • Sand Hill Road is having a midlife crisis. (Link)
  • Yellow Pages, still in black, despite Internet boom. (Link)
  • Problem with too much TechCrunch love, TechCrashing. (Link)
  • What comes after AJAX? Dare to learn. (Link)
  • Kickin’ it with SneakerPlay. (Link)
  • Setting up and running Amazon EC2 from Windows Desktop. (Link)
  • How to use your own URL, and not as your Open ID. (Link)
  • Vintage 50s radio, better than iPod. (Link)
  • Calgoo Calendar is live (Link)
  • Michael Gartenberg only lasts a week at Microsoft? (Link)

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