Getting stuff done with Neptune

What good is creating a task list if we can’t get things done? This is where Neptune steps in. Neptune is a web based tool that allows users to set reminders for tasks and events through an easy to use interface.

Sign up and start off by creating a new Project, then create a list of Reminders for that project. For added convenience as tasks come in, users can send an email to a unique address for setting new reminders. For daily overviews, your Neptune account can send out email notifications daily for your next actions and reminders, which is extremely handy for quickly looking at upcoming items.

Neptune is free for 16 days, and then users have the option for upgrading to a Premium account for $10. The account options are not evident on the site, and we would have been in for a big surprise when the 16 day “trial” expired if we had not found a small “renew” button under settings. Neptune is worth trying out for daily task reminders, but you can also look into Nozbe, WorkHack, RememberTheMilk, and Ta-da List to help out with completing your main objectives for the day.


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