Games on Apple TV, So What?


Apple TV is one of the products from Apple that so many were waiting with bated breath to finally hear about. The unit offers some interesting media options, but ultimately little in the way of new and exciting. Then there came talk of games being available over the Apple TV delivery system. Then they weren’t, and then, maybe

Apple has never been a player in the gaming market. So a move like this would clearly be a baby step in that direction. And by ‘baby step’ I expect future initial offerings of Apple TV games to be similar in format to those available for the video capable iPods. Nothing too advanced.

Do consumers really expect console quality games out of Apple TV? I surely don’t. Cupertino’s been awfully quiet about hard details on the specs within the Apple TV unit. The product page lists an “Intel Processor” as the heart of the unit. No “Core Duo” or something more specific. Similarly there is no mention of RAM or graphics card to power the many video outputs the box offers. (Here are some possible specifics on the hardware components, but it’s from AI, so take it with a grain of salt.)

As far as strictly offering media such as audio and video are concerned, these specs – if you can call such generalizations that – should do the job and keep the $299 price point. But I can’t come to terms with expecting any kind of real console-gaming equivalent experience based on the current specs. Perhaps Apple is already planning a version 2 of the hardware that will be more expensive and include the necessary components to compete with the likes of the Wii, or XBOX 360, but that scenario is likely still a ways off, if ever. (Mostly because Apple doesn’t have the track record to compete in that arena, at least not yet.)

I’m personally more apt to stick with my XBOX or a Wii as far as console gaming is concerned, rather than lean on Apple just because I love their computers.

Would you jump at an Apple based gaming console – whether it be in the form of Apple TV, or something more robust? Why or why not?


Steve G

I’d embrace the AppleTV’s hardware constraints and offer simple, fun games. As Guy said, graphics intensive games are great, but not everyone wants to put in the time to learn how to play.

The Nintendo Wii has proven that simple gaming sells…

Guy McLimore

Apple has no need to compete with the Wii, Playstation 3, etc. There are plenty of high-end gaming products out there. I’d like to see Apple make the Apple TV into a good casual gaming venue. Casual gaming doesn’t require high-end 3D grahics and ultra-fast processors, but it is exactly that type of gaming that will appeal to the family-room set who are the target audience for Apple TV. With the always-on network capabilities and hard disk the Apple TV contains, it should be possible to do some pretty interesting interactive games, too.


We cant forget Pippin. Apples game consule. Although less than 42,000 were sold. It was for the most part there idea to use CDs for gams. Everyone uses those now. And if you own a Mac. You shouldnt own an Xbox. Microsoft makes XBoxes you know.


I seriously doubt this will ever happen (games on apple tv) and even if it did I don’t think I would look at it. Most console developers LOSE money on their console sales, why Apple would consider taking this approach and enter an already dominated industry would be profound.


I figured it would come up too, had I not replied. No, I wouldn’t really count the Pippin.

I expect iPod style games will be what we will see on the Apple TV, possibly the exact same games.

Steve Simitzis

I love Apple but the idea of an Apple gaming system doesn’t excite me. For me, what matters most is the games, not the platform, and I would have to see a serious commitment from game studios to provide games for Apple. Otherwise, what could I play on an Apple TV that I can’t already play on PlayStation or on a Nintendo Wii? I can already play Ms. Pac Man, Tetris, and Solitaire on literally 6 different devices. I don’t think I need a seventh.


I see no reason why Apple couldn’t offer casual games on the Apple TV such as Bejeweld and Zuma.


I think it would be great if they just kept going with ipod-style games. Just simple mini-games targetted to the non-gamer or the nostalgic one. Puzzles, side scrollers, old-school rpgs. I think it would be nice if amateur programmers could build their own games and that it would be compatible with the system.

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