Eyespot lands ‘Shooter’ Promo deal


As promised, online video-editing startup Eyespot is scheduled to unveil Wednesday another white-label deal with a big-name client, this time Paramount Pictures. Eyespot’s video-sharing tools will power a mashup-your-own-movie-trailer contest for the forthcoming (March 23) Mark Wahlberg thriller Shooter, with the winner getting an XBox 360 along with some other goodies.

With real movie snippets (like the one above) provided to use as fodder, this contest seems more like a bid for an editing Oscar, or at the very least something for the resume as you seek your next Final Cut pro gig. What’s different about this contest is Paramount’s agreement to allow mashups to be shared freely from Eyespot’s site (though as always, check the fine print for restrictions on content use). Keep it legal, or Marky Mark may put you in the crosshairs next.

Landing the deal with Paramount gives Eyespot another win in the interestingly competitive
online video-editing market, where there doesn’t seem to be a shakeout yet. Even though pros may shudder at the quality of the online tools, playing around with online video might turn out to be the Web 2.0 version of Solitaire. Especially if there’s an XBox at the end of the game.

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