Emotiv Announces New Controller: Your Mind

Emotiv, a tech company that has been operating in stealth mode, has dropped the cloak today and announced that they have developed a new way to control games: with your mind. Using, what would appear to be, the power of the mind, players can issue commands or move objects around on the screen. Sounds neat… what’s it going to cost?

Using a headset that has to be trained to note users different reactions, Emotiv’s new software can detect changes in a users emotional state and electrical changes from the brain. Using these different cues, the headset can then send a command to the software to manipulate objects on screen. If this technology is adopted by the gaming industry, it could make a huge difference in the way we play games… if it’s solid tech and the price isn’t too extreme. There have been countless great ideas that have been killed by price alone. If both of those factors are addressed, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on Emotiv.


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