EconSM: 50 Days And Counting

imageMost days, we cover the morphing world of social media in bits and pieces. But on April 26 — just 50 days from now — we’ll be with a few hundred of our closest friends at the intersection of social media and money aka the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. Whether you think of social networking as a tool set, a necessary accessory or as a business, join us for a full-tilt day with a mix of the usual suspects and some fresh faces. The list includes Ilene Chaiken, executive producer of The L Word; Marco Boerries, SVP, Connected Life, Yahoo; David Eun, VP-content partnerships, Google; Kara Swisher, co-creator of D; Ken Stern, CEO, NPR; Michael Birch, CEO, Bebo; Quincy Smith, president, CBS Interactive; and more.
Given the subject of social media, our view on conferences is especially appropriate: you’ll be part of the conversation, not an audience. EconSM isn’t about top-down presentations; it’s about sharing, challenging, learning and twisting the kaleidescope for different views of that morphing world.
Space is filling fast so please register soon.