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Bear Stearns: Google CEO Schmidt On dMarc, YouTube, Rivals, Arrogance & More

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Unlike some people who head for the antacids, Google chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt actually may thrive on criticism. Yes, according to AP, he told a questioner at Tuesday’s Bear Stearns gathering: “I’m sure we’re arrogant.” He dismisses much of the criticism as a way of negotiating but he also says there is a “genuine disagreement.” Traditional media talk about the value of content — “Google says: prove it … That’s often a difficult conversation. Ultimately, product value is determined if people view it. They vote with their clicks, they vote with where they go.” His comments came the same day as Microsoft’s attack in front of book publishers.
FT: Schmidt: “I have learned that as part of being a player in the media industry, the way one negotiates is everything is leaked and you