Vulcan FlipStart- yes it’s for real


FlipStartThe one annoying thing about NDAs and news embargoes is that they rely on all parties who know about a product ahead of time to keep mum about, like they promised.  PC Magazine jumped the gun (review since removed) on the Vulcan FlipStart so all embargoes are off and I can now talk about it, albeit briefly.  The FlipStart is real and will be available for purchase soon.  I’m not going to get into the specs or details about the FlipStart, I’ll just wait until my evaluation unit arrives.  I’ve been told that will be today so hang on to your gadget bags, all will be revealed very shortly.



Hell, not only was it done with the U3, even the Clie had a more functional keyboard.

Once again, Paul is proving which of the pair had all the business talent.


This was done 4 years ago by sony in the carnation of the vaio u3. (which I still have) Infact the vaio u3 has a pmca slot, allowing you to put any data card in there, (grat for us in the UK, that use differnt 3g carriers).

The size of the flip start is not all the different the resolution is not a good as the vaio u3. My vaio u3 has 512 mb, vga built in.

Other than that gimmiky little screen on the top of the lid, which will get scratched and marked, the flipstart looks like a nonstart, if you get what I mean.

seeya (hope you did’nt copy right this catch phase)


Ron P.

As soon as I saw James comment about it I googled it and it came right up. Here is the link I got on the PC Mag article (Well Pre-Review) Here is the URL for a PC Mag article
Now the funny part while it seems rather accurate, it is dated Feb of 2004. I guess it took them two years to bring to market?
That is scarey.


James isnt this the device you called Vaporware? I guess you were wrong eh? It should be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Mike Cane

From what I understand (I could not get to the frikkin review; they must have removed it by that time), it’s $2K. Ow.

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