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TuneView Remote for your iPod

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Keyspan_tuneview_remote Keyspan offers an interesting remote control solution for the Apple iPod; it’s a dock for your player and includes an RF remote complete with an LCD screen. The TuneView is geared for folks that use an iPod connected to their home stereo system, so if you’re an earbudd’r, the $179 product isn’t for you. For the home theater audiophiles however, this looks like an appealing device.

Using 2.4 GHz RF, you can control your docked iPod from other rooms in the house; could be handy if your stereo system has a "whole-house" speaker hookup. The remote queries your iPod through the included dock and displays data from your iPod screen right on the remote. Keyspan just announced a firmware upgrade to the TuneView Remote; enhancements include faster scrolling, title search by first letter and a faster wake-up from sleep. You can catch a brief video of the TuneView in action right here.