RedSwoosh Apologizes to Bram Cohen

In a recent story on Torrentfreak, an employee at Red Swoosh made some rather bold statements regarding a leaked torrent client, FoxTorrent, which Red Swoosh is still developing: “Bram is going to s**t his pants when he takes our client for a spin.” Strong words — so strong, in fact, that RedSwoosh issued an apology, blaming an overly enthusiastic part-time developer:

[O]ur apologies to Bram. Bittorrent is something to be proud of and Swoosh is contributing to the community.

FoxTorrentIncontinence and repentance aside, this makes for an interesting follow up to the drama between Bram Cohen and Mark Cuban. Cuban is an investor in Red Swoosh, and was presumably in a position to know that they were developing a torrent client when he penned a long-winded critique of BitTorrent and p2p networks in general. In fact, one of his arguments was that there were too many torrent clients!


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