jkOnTheRun first look at the Vulcan FlipStart- YouTube Edition

The good folks at Vulcan were kind enough to send me a pre-release evaluation unit of the new FlipStart ultraportable PC.  The FlipStart is essentially a tiny laptop complete with a full QWERTY keyboard, trackpad, trackstick, integrated EV-DO, and a secondary display in the LID.  It’s taken a while to get the FlipStart out the door but it appears Vulcan has used that time wisely with a lot of attention to detail and a very solid build quality.

The unit I am using has a Pentium M 1.1 GHz processor with 500 MB of RAM, A 30 GB hard drive, Windows XP SP2, integrated EV-DO, and a web cam.  I used the web cam to make a video call to Marc Orchant and it worked pretty well so I can see the FlipStart as a great mobile communications device using VoIP.  I recorded a 20 minute quick overview of the littlest laptop and have posted it here for your viewing pleasure.  I’ll have the device for a few weeks and I’m sure this won’t be the last you’ll hear or see of it.



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