Internal YouTube Document Leaked!


We’re as frustrated as you are with YouTube’s seemingly capricious removal of clips from the site — which wreaks all kind of havoc on the embedded videos in our post archives and occasionally brings down random inoffensive posts.

While the YouTube terms of service are explicit, there is a lot of room for debate on how well they’re enforced — it seems that some clips that are obviously infringing can stay up for a while while others are pulled for no good reason. Thankfully, we’ve gotten our hands on the super-secret (and super-legit, really!) flowchart which outlines YouTube’s content policing policy once and for all.

YouTube Content Policing Procedure - Parody

You have figured out this a parody by now, right?


Tim Street

Dude, You had me going.

If you took out the “take a cold shower” it looks real.

I’ve been in network and studio meetings where that kind of flowchart is on the white board and everyone is taking notes.

Liz Gannes

Nick, let’s just say we took out the disclaimer and ran it by a few people, and … yeah. Your nose for sarcasm is more finely tuned, it seems.

Melih, we were referring to Orkut’s massive popularity in Brazil.

Nick Douglas

Um, yes, we know it’s a parody (and a funny one). Maybe trust us to get that without going limp at the end.

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