Giveaway of the Day: ConceptDraw’s MINDMAP


MindmapHow could I forget that March is National Mindmap Month?!? *smacks head* OK, maybe it’s not, but it sure feels like it. Yesterday we mentioned the web-based mind-mapper Mindomo and today I see that ConceptDraw’s MINDMAP is the free software at Giveaway of the Day. This is no el-cheapo giveaway either: the Personal edition of MINDMAP costs $119 on any given day except today. It’s yours free if you download and register it before midnight tonight; I won’t have time, but thought a few of you could use the freebie. There’s a Mac version as well, but unfortunately, that’s not part of the giveaway….sorry Tigers.



I was just thinking I need to tell JKotR about this – it would be perfect for you to announce, and you already did! Some days GotD is not too exciting, but this one is a great giveaway.


I picked this up earlier today, and it’s my first hands on with mind mapping software. It was easy to learn, and when I put my UMPC buying options on it, it really helped me get some perspective of what I was thinking.

You do have to auto or manual rearrange when things overlap. But it’s easy to create a map and you can throw on nice icons really easy, which make all the difference in readability.

Another free alternative, if you miss this one, seems to be FreeMind. It’s next on my list to try eventually. With it, you don’t have to worry about upgrade pricing or copies for multiple machines.

According to it has about 10% of the market.

BTW, as a direct result of the mind map, I’m leaning away from UMPCs. I love the portability, but I’m worried about them being underpowered and therefore impractically slow in a year or two with new software. And they aren’t really as cheap as they seem — when beefed up and accessorized even just a little (say a Q1P with portfolio, keyboard, extended battery, etc), they become almost priced like the HP TX1000 or near the nice Lenovo XP tablet that is on sale now for a week or two. Especially for those of us that have corporate discounts at HP&Lenovo, but not Samsung.

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