Fujitsu intros 7200 RPM, 160 GB drive in 2.5-inch form

Fujitsu_mhw2160bjSamsung announced their 5200 RPM, 160-gigger in November, while we’re expecting Hitachi’s 200 GB, mobile device drive in the first half of this year. Fujitsu is upping the speed with an announcement today: by the end of May we should see 160 GB, 2.5-inch drives running at 7200 RPM to compete with Hitachi’s 7200 RPM offering. Speed and capacity are great, but what the drive does to the battery is the key on a UMPC or other mobile device. Fujitsu’s press release says we should expect a power drain of 2.3 watts or less when reading or writing to the MHW2160BJ drive. I’ll have to do some digging on how that compares to our slower 4200 5200 RPM drives that are prevalent in the first gen of UMPCs, although I’m betting our friend Steve might have some info to share here.


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