Eric Schmidt admits ‘we’re arrogant’


Google CEO Eric Schmidt has twice in the last two days admitted to his company’s arrogance, at investor conferences in San Francisco and New York. Back when Google first purchased YouTube, we read the deal as a sign of Google returning to its arrogant roots, after trying the transparency and egalitarian deal-making schtick on for size.

Speaking at an investor conference hosted by Bear Stearns on Tuesday morning, Schmidt said there is a “genuine disagreement” between the camps. Traditional media argue their content has a certain intrinsic value, while Google says “prove it,” he said. “That’s often a difficult conversation.” … Asked by a member of the audience whether Google is “arrogant,” as charged by some in traditional media, Schmidt said, “I’m sure we’re arrogant.”


Brian Laks

Arrogant or not, they’re defining their industry in a lot of ways, and being the first company to do something will usually reek of things being done “their way”.

frankie teo

Arrogant maybe a bit harsh. Try ignorant because a clash of old media and digital online media and its weak controls do restrict controlled distribution with some ability to monetise it.

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