Yahoo Ends Mixd Group SMS Service

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Yahoo is having a hard time figuring out its mobile content services: Yahoo Go app in first version didn’t do as well. THe version 2.0 of the app launched recently with some notable improvements, but too early to judge on the uptake for now. Then, Yahoo closed its ringtones download service in November last year, and shortly after launched the Mixd social texting service (though to be fair it said at the launch it was an experiment). Now it has put an end to its two-month pilot of Mixd, its group mobile messaging tool for the youth market, notes Read/Write Web. Yahoo said it gained “valuable insight about how youth communities socialize via mobile phones” and will incorporate group text messaging and multimedia sharing features into future Yahoo mobile products. Social media is widely seen as the next big thing, but there’s no sure-fire method to get consumers to use a particular service.
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alan jones

It's just too hard for a consumer to use an SMS-driven social networking platform! I mean, look at the intructions from Mixd's own help pages on how to plan a night out with friends:
* Step 1 – send ‘new’ to shortcode 445566
* Step 2 – Reply with your Mixer’s name, something descriptive about what to do tonight (e.g. “drinks2nite” or “movie_nite”)
* Step 3 – Reply with ‘add’ followed by your friends’ mobile numbers (or nicknames if you’ve used Mixd with them before, like “jim” or “feezy”)
* Step 4 – Start texting! All messages go to the group, and anyone can “reply-all”
Does that sound like its any easier than sending a group SMS and then managing the replies? Does it sound like something you could do after a couple of drinks?

Mobile social networking is taking off, but not on SMS shortcode-driven services.

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