Nokia Combines Content And Context In New Mobile Ad Services

The space is getting crowded as more companies sharpen their focus on delivering the right ad to the right user. The mobile search engines (most notably JumpTap, Medio Systems and Yahoo) have thrown their weight behind schemes to deliver targeted and relevant advertising. More recently, browser companies, such as Openwave, have discovered the potentially lucrative niche. Finally, a slew of on-device software providers and UI companies have also joined the battle for a top-notch spot in the food chain. Can the emerging industry feed a mouth as big as Nokia’s?

Nokia obviously thinks so, and has launched two new mobile advertising services. The Nokia Ad Service “consists of a group of mobile publishers forming a mobile ad network and a platform to deploy, manage and optimize mobile advertising campaigns,” Nokia said in a statement. The Nokia Advertising Connector, a private label service for third-party publishers and advertisers “operates as an intelligent switch, selecting between text, visual, audio and video ads – depending on the user’s context.” Does context refer to the device


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