$200 Millllion Projected from Leopard


As many of you may be aware, the pool of Mac users has grown significantly in the past year or so. Some of you may be included in that growth. Well it was what, almost 2 years ago now that the move to Intel chips was announced? Doom and gloom were the general consensus. (The joke in “Wait for it, Wait for it” describes the way most seemed to feel about it. And on a separate note, sorry for stirring the pot on what movie that title was a line from – I can’t remember either!)

The insanity over this announcement had people going so far as to claim that Jobs was lining things up to have Windows run on Macs (well, that’s actually true!) and ditch OS X completely. That was madness then, and clearly madness now. The user base is stronger than it’s ever been, and largely due to the Intel move and the subsequent interoperability it has offered.

Now there’s the prediction that Apple will generate $200 Million in revenue just from releasing the next OS X version, Leopard (or 10.5) later this year. I guess it’s a good thing they didn’t go dropping the operating system for Macs in favor of Vista, eh?



Jobs said it in ’97 when Apple was down and out and there were rumours that Apples would run Windows. No way Apple OS is going. So rumours of OSX being ditched? ha ha.

$200 million is not a bad return considering how much the software actually costs (its cheaper than Windows, at least some versions). That figure would include the predicted “new comers” to OSX, such as myself, I would suspect.


well lets see: go to intel chips, drop mac os x in favour of Windows. gee…where is the logic in that rumour? They were goin gto compete with who…dell? hp? It was complete hog wash, that rumour.


“I guess it’s a good thing they didn’t go dropping the operating system for Macs in favor of Vista, eh?”

I don’t know, you didn’t tell us how much they spent developing it. If it was more than $200M, then they’ve lost money on the deal, right?

I love OSX and am glad that the rumors didn’t pan out, but revenue is not profit.


Yeah, I never heard it either. But then they DID drop the Apple Newton, and a lot of people are STILL screaming about that.


Your kidding. I didnt know there was a ditch OS X rumor. If they dropped OS X. I’D SCREAM!!! I cant live using only Windows.

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