Various Software Updates


If you have not already been notified by your software, you may want to take note. Such applications as TextMate, Default Folder X, and Virtue Desktops have received updates in recent days.

TextMate brings Obj-C and PHP bundles to the already formidable text editor, so if you’re big into those languages, or would like to be, TextMate is doing you up right.

Default Folder X brings some bug fixes to stabilize and already fairly solid (and exceptionally useful) utility.

Virtue Desktops supposedly addresses stability issues, but I’d personally disagree with this point. Seems that since upgrading my Virtual Desktops have abruptly disappeared without any warning at all. So proceed with this upgrade at your own risk. Of course it is Beta software, so this warning should already be assumed.



Thanks for the post, I just want to give a though on the app Default Folder X: I tried it a couple of months ago and found it to hog my poor iBook´s resources. Also, being a little too cheap to pay for it, i relented on OS X tools to do my tagging needs – an folder action that moves the files saved on desktop to my documents folder and shows the window to add spotlight comments. Man, i love automator.

Nick Santilli

Well my install just tried updating a couple days ago, at that point it was news to me.

Tony – thanks for the note. can’t live without the app by the way, so THANKS!

Tony Arnold

As the developer of VirtueDesktops, I’d agree with your comments – it is beta, and does contain some bugs like the one you mentioned. Then again, there has yet to be a full, stable release of VirtueDesktops, so proceed at your own risk :)

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