Upgrading to Anne 2.1


Today is one of the best days in the short life of Web Worker Daily. Our very own Anne Zelenka is joining our little family on an almost full time basis (of course) with a Web Worker twist. She made her decision yesterday, and well, I have to say, I have not been able to wipe that goofy grin off my face.

She will be spending more of her time and attention in helping WWD grow to the next level. My dream is that one day WWD becomes bigger than the flagship, GigaOM, and people refer to the “site that spawned it all” as the older, dowdy and decidedly unhip brother of WWD.

Anne is perfect for getting us to that goal.  We all have seen the profound impact she already has had on our little community. She has an uncanny eye for talent, and is an amazing writer who uses simple words to express complex ideas. She will also be writing Web 2.0 and related stories for the flagship, GigaOM. As part of her new, improved version 2.1, she gets her own icon, and cool business cards.

Without much ado, Web Worker Daily readers, I give you your new editor, Anne 2.1.


Ivan Pope

Hi Anne 2.1
Actually, I never used Anne 2.0
Sure, I installed it when it came out. But, you know, for various reasons I never got happy with it. And I heard it was a bit buggy. But I always loved the idea. So I’m really pleased to upgrade and start a real relationship with you. I’ve subscribed. You’re in.
Ivan (beta)


Congratulations to the enterprising parents. Just make sure she understands the importance of printing responsibly.

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