Twitter gets the Camtasia treatment

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Twadget_1James, Matt and I recently chatted up Twitter, the new toy that all the cool kids are using. Obviously they don’t check your coolness at the door because they let us in, but hey….. Betsy over at TechSmith did a nice under five minute screencast of Twitter earlier today, so if you need a visual explanation, you’ll want to check this out.

Personally, I like both the social and mobile aspect of Twitter. I can see what my on-line friends are doing, plus I can do so via SMS or web, making it a great mobile app! If you’re a Vista user with a Twitter account, I also recommend the Twadget gadget for your sidebar (shown). BTW: Twitter is how I found out today that the Scobles are expecting a new child and also that there was an earthquake in San Fran last week as Thomas Hawk twitter’d it right after it happened. Talk about real time!

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Dave Zatz

Twitter = TMI. It’s not for me.

Though I did experience that earthquake Sunday night. I didn’t feel it while I was in the shower, but when I came out Melissa didn’t seem to have enjoyed it.

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