This is What I’ve Been Afraid of


While the iPhone will undoubtedly change my life in untold ways (note sarcasm), I already have a smart phone and the NEED for the iPhone isn’t nearly as clear as the DESIRE. However the bit of the iPhone that would provide the most utility to me is the iPod functionality. Let’s get on with a 6th Gen release of that iPod already!

I’d love to have my hands on landscape iPods displays, touch screen capability, Cover Flow mobile edition, and so on. But it appears that Apple doesn’t want to cannibalize the iPhone sales by releasing a new iPod before the iPhone can make its way into consumers’ grubby hands. It’s understandable from a business perspective, yet annoying from mine, when all I want is a snazzier iPod…



Hmm, they have not changed the iPod for a while, it’s well overdue for an update, whether it be hardware or software.

I would say hardware upgrade FOR NOW. When the iPhone comes out we may see the iPod interface updated at the same time. None the less a change is needed for the iPod, and after seeing the iPhone version of the iPod (especially with Cover Flow, yum yum) I cant wait to see this in all iPod’s.

Neven Mrgan

You say you DESIRE the iPhone. Don’t you also desire the added iPod functionality? I’m not sure in which way you NEED it.

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