Tablet PC Battle at Coolest Gadgets

Tablet_pcsI wouldn’t really call it a battle as we’re not pitting these tabby’s against each other in a movie scene from "Gladiator", but Fred over at Coolest Gadgets is looking to buy a Tablet PC and has it narrowed down to four choices: Fujitsu 4125, Lenovo X60, Asus RF1, Gateway NX860XL. First and foremost, you have to understand what Fred will be using the Tablet for: blogging, Photoshop use, 3D visual modeling, and racing simulators. I don’t really see a compelling need for Tablet PC in there, but let’s hope Fred sees the ink light when he finally buys one.

Fred ruled out a Toshiba model, but I’m not sure why. A tricked out M400 with 2 GB of memory and Core 2 Duo upgrade on a 12-inch, 1400 x 1050 display might work pretty well for his needs unless the integrated Intel 950 graphics wouldn’t cut it. In that case, only the Gateway offers dedicated graphics AFAIK. Anyway, what would you recommend?


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