Planetside Price Increase… Why?


MMOs, while all the rage, aren’t always exactly the most profitable of ventures. Many more MMOs have failed than have made it, and that’s just the way that it goes. There is, however, a gray area that kind of exists between success and failure that absolutely no one wants. That’s where Planetside resides today.

I received an email from Sony’s Station, the website that handles all of the MMO subscriptions, to inform me that Planetside was going up in price by 2 dollars a month. Why would they do that? Planetside, Sony’s MMO FPS game, was never terribly successful in the first place, but now it’s in the place where you have to wonder which way it should go: shut down or kept afloat. Which should it be?

Will Wright spoke about this subject, to our own Wagner James Au, in an interview about the Sims Online and Star Wars Galaxies with Salon some time back. “The worst case, really,” notes Wright, “is when you launch one of these things and its just marginally successful. Because then you’re in a position where its hard to kill it, but you still have to incur the expense of just running it.” That definitely seems to be what we’re looking at with Planetside, but when is it right to pull the plug? This choice may be made a bit easier for Sony with this upcoming price hike.

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