Monday Vid Picks: Vlog Deathmatch


I had a slight freak-out this morning when I thought my speakers were broken, but really it was just that one of the rules of Vlog Deathmatch‘s Silent Air Guitar Challenge is the submissions have to be, well, silent. Put together by the some of the contestants themselves, this online video contest pits leading ladies of the vlogosphere in a battle of interpretive dance and mimed guitar soloing. It’s more than a little weird.

Personally, I thought Veronica Belmont’s classicly styled rock-out below the freeway was the most faithful expression of the Air Guitar format, but I loved Casey MacKinnon’s contest trailer so much I gave her my vote.

Go watch the videos (SFW — no headphones required!) and vote yourself at the official site.


Rudy Jahchan

Or go back in time, and vote for the Jahchan brothers inspired reproduction of 300 in a basement … no? Damnit.

Sarah Meyers

Vote for Sarah because she’s lagging and has a good trailer. Or vote for Micki because she really is the best!

Micki Krimmel

here we are now… it’s vlog death match… vote for micki… cause she’s the best! ok so i can’t rhyme. that’s why it’s an AIR band. still, i have lyrics. lyrics!


LOVED that trailer. very funny. and the submissions were pretty cool. but i shan’t tell who i voted for.

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