launch2net eases wireless web connections for Mac, but is it worth it?


Launch2netFor over a year, I’ve been a heavy user of PDANet, a Windows-based application that greatly helps in tethering a 3G phone to a Windows notebook or UMPC. Today I saw mention of a similar product for Macs called launch2net and the review at Hardmac was favorable: just connect your device and whammo! you’re blazing along the net using your cellular phone as a modem. The downside: at a price of 75 Euros, launch2net is a little pricey in my opinion. You might be better off trying to configure your own connection via USB or Bluetooth. Before anyone asks: no I haven’t tried to tether my EV-DO or EDGE phones to the MacBook Pro just yet; I’m still looking for the darn Start button. ;)

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John Strachan

Actually, I have found it much easier to connect a 3G phone through bluetooth on a Mac than on an XP machine. All that you need are the modem scripts at Using those scripts, I have had no problems tehtering my MacBook to both a Cingular 8125 (HTC Wizard) or a Blackberry Pearl using BT.

On the other hand, because of the differences between the native Microsoft BT stack and the Widcomm BT stack, while I can tether to the 8125, I have had absolutely no luck in tethering my Samsung Q1 to the Pearl modem. If anyone has figured out how to override the Widcomm drivers in the Q1 to use the MS drivers, or figured out a way to connect a Blackberry Pearl to the Q1 using the native Widcomm drivers, I would appreciate the help.

Jan Fuellemann

If you ever want to test launch2net, a free version awaits you ;-) And if it is just for the “… using mobile devices sind they weighed 30 lbs.” slogan ;-))) Just drop me a line … but we do not support EDVO since it is not available in good ol´Europe.


Jan Fuellemann | nova media

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