launch2net eases wireless web connections for Mac, but is it worth it?

Launch2netFor over a year, I’ve been a heavy user of PDANet, a Windows-based application that greatly helps in tethering a 3G phone to a Windows notebook or UMPC. Today I saw mention of a similar product for Macs called launch2net and the review at Hardmac was favorable: just connect your device and whammo! you’re blazing along the net using your cellular phone as a modem. The downside: at a price of 75 Euros, launch2net is a little pricey in my opinion. You might be better off trying to configure your own connection via USB or Bluetooth. Before anyone asks: no I haven’t tried to tether my EV-DO or EDGE phones to the MacBook Pro just yet; I’m still looking for the darn Start button. ;)

(via Infinite Loop)


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