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izimi, a little piece of software that turns your Windows PC into a media server, launches today. Anne has a writeup at Web Worker Daily. The hassles of leaving your computer on all the time and cutting into your home bandwidth probably make outside hosting a more appealing option, but this is an idea that could have currency in, say, five years.

The cool thing is, if you’re willing to keep your computer on and sacrifice your bandwidth, anyone and everyone can see your files through a browser. Basically, izimi figures out wherever your computer is at the moment, and redirects a URL that appears to be hosted on izimi.com to your computer.

Leicester, UK-based izimi is trying to play off the user-generated hype by calling itself a personal YouTube for anything, or a file-hosting site where you do the hosting yourself. I tend to think the product could have more currency as an non-technical alternative to FTP, personal peer-to-peer, or setting up a static IP address to host your own website.



Sorry, I tried to download izimi and it crashed my system!!!!

Nigel Edwards

One of the objections that people keep raising to izimi is that it requires users to keep their machines switched on all the time. It seems to me that this is only partly true.

If you are in the business of selling/promoting on the net 24/7 then the chances are you will already be switched on 24/7. This is a necessity if you want to keep sales on target. However.

Most poeple in the home wont have a 24/7 sales requirement driving them, will they? So what will they use izimi for? I reckon they would use izimi for the same reasons that people use YouTube & Co., which is mainly to show clips of movies, image files, witty commentaries, and so on, to a predominantly local audience. And it’s LOCAL that’s the important word here.

If you assume (and it is reasonable to do so) that most of your friends, family, work colleagues, and acquaintences live or work within a single time-zone of where you live, then their machines are likely to be switched on at the same time as you. In that circumstance you don’t need to have your pc switched on 24/7 – just whenever Grandpa has his switched on, so he can access the latest pictures of the grandkids!

Now obviously if you are talking about multiple time-zone countries, such as the US, then it becomes slightly different. But even then, for most people it’s a simple matter to send a quick email telling the recipient that you have a new photo album of 100 hi-def photos on line, and they can access it at such-and-such a time.

So at the moment ok, izimi doesn’t resolve everyone’s issues 100% of the time – but show me anything in the history of the world that everyone’s been satisfied with all the time.

I know izimi will continue to develop and grow, and produce fuller and more rounded solutions to user’s requirements. From the viewpoint of Let’s Get Published I see izimi as a very important part of the future.

John Wood

Liz – this “sacrifice your bandwidth” thing really isn’t an issue. I’ve got loads of files available on izimi of all sizes and types and from the stats given for each file, I can see that my stuff has been accessed quite a lot, yet I have noticed no degradation in performance at all. Most people use just a fraction of their upstream speed leaving plenty of capacity for izimi to work effectively. izimi doesn’t impact publishers’ downstream speed leaving you free to surf the internet as you normally would.

Here are a few links to stuff on izimi for those interested:

My profile: http://john.izimi.com
The moon: http://chris.izimi.com/787.izimi
A different kind of moon: http://JiM.izimi.com/1621.izimi
An angry smiley: http://JiM.izimi.com/1624.izimi
Bryce Canyon, Utah: http://JiM.izimi.com/487.izimi
Me drumming on my desk (audio): http://john.izimi.com/1579.izimi

Regards, John Wood, http://www.izimi.com

Lemon Obrien

Tamago has been doing this for a while; plus they pay you when your computer is used to deliver media to somebody else.

Dean Maresh

This is one of the lamest to bad ideas I have heard of, because:
1- No one is going to download another software just to see someone elses desktop,
2- Techie people will have many other ways to share what is on their PC,
3- Bandwidth limitation,
4- Non-techies will find expose themselves to all sort of problems.


This will be neat once everyone’s on a fiberoptic connection spewing 100Mo/second both ways! I have friends in Sweden that have such a fast connection, it’s UNBELIEVABLE! GigaTribe is similar, though, as your computer acts as a server, letting friends access your shared files (movies, pictures, albums, etc…) and an article I read said the same about them, that you’ll be able to stream media through a browser soon. ( http://www.gigatribe.com )

B Adelman

Not really impressive. A bit of general know-how concerning DYNDNS, domain forwarding, and a server software like XAMPP will accomplish the same goal. Running a server out of the home is not something a casual user should embark on and the technically inclined would find this solution lacking. Not sure I see the demographic fit.

Liz Gannes

You’re right Saket, Dekoh does look similar…though there is a lot of gobbledygook to work through. Saran, setting up an Apache server is pretty darn geeky, even if Gina Trapani can describe it in four steps.


While Im not sure how well this type of service will fare as most users might not like izimi eating into their resources all the time. However its good to see that companies are switching it up and trying new things.


I don’t know which port it uses, It may not work with XP home edition.
The business loses one important principle of web 2.0 – “Data is Intel inside!”
Serving files from PC may be slow, especially video streaming.
If small setting is wrong means, someone could easily break the whole system, Users are not Administrator
Already we can easily set up PC as a web server – http://lifehacker.com/software/downloads/geek-to-live–how-to-set-up-a-personal-home-web-server-124212.php

To me, this is not new and should be used carefully.
kind rgrds

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