Turn Your PC into a Server with izimi

izimi, a little piece of software that turns your Windows PC into a media server, launches today. Anne has a writeup at Web Worker Daily. The hassles of leaving your computer on all the time and cutting into your home bandwidth probably make outside hosting a more appealing option, but this is an idea that could have currency in, say, five years.

The cool thing is, if you’re willing to keep your computer on and sacrifice your bandwidth, anyone and everyone can see your files through a browser. Basically, izimi figures out wherever your computer is at the moment, and redirects a URL that appears to be hosted on izimi.com to your computer.

Leicester, UK-based izimi is trying to play off the user-generated hype by calling itself a personal YouTube for anything, or a file-hosting site where you do the hosting yourself. I tend to think the product could have more currency as an non-technical alternative to FTP, personal peer-to-peer, or setting up a static IP address to host your own website.


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