Hazel 2 Alpha Available


If you’ve been playing with Hazel at all, you’ll probably be interested to hear that a 2.0 alpha has been released. From the Developer’s blog:

I have stopped using launchd in favor of a homebrew scheduler. As a result, those of you hitting the “Hazel stops working after logging out then back in” bug will be happy. Hazel also features new icons from Fernando Lins (featured here). A bunch of other stuff is in there so if you’re curious, check it out.

I’ve just installed it and have barely begun playing, but the most glaring awesomeness that I’ve seen is the wide open list of items you can choose to launch rules against. Some seriously cool things are afoot. Go register at the noodlesoft forums to get at this release.



That’s all very nice, but it would be good if you told us what this app actually does.

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