Global warming mug: add coffee, lose a landmass


Global_warming_mugYes, it’s low tech, but since I just reduced my carbon footprint last week, I thought it appropriate. [Personal note: I’ve stopped driving 8 miles round trip daily for my WaWa coffee; I now buy bags of their coffee and make it at home. Before you judge me: the 8 mile trip was done via a Hybrid vehicle ;)] Firebox sells this $12 coffee mug that has a map of the globe on the outside. When you fill the mug with hot coffee or the warm beverage of your choice, the map changes to show the expected sea level rise due to global warming.

(via SlashGear)



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“Page Not Found” – kinda symbolic, isn’t it?

Whoever wants to read it (“…scientists suggest…”, “are beginning to believe…”), it’s index.htm*l*.
I guess we all can agree that much of what is happening today is not sustainable in any way, be it pollution, CO2 emissions, logging or a bunch of other things. The same applies to Al Gore, but at least his travels were matched by efforts of NativeEnergy that reduce CO2 emissions.
Good thing though Kevin hadn’t actually had to “give up” coffee and can still save some petrol and emissions.


Very cool mug – and an important reminder! Good for you on cutting down on your energy consumption. I’ve parked my car for the most part and use the electric busses in the city. It’s a lifestyle change, but a healthy one all around as I now walk more and breathe cleaner air on those walks!

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