Babelgum Getting Some Spotlight


Babelgum, the IPTV venture that will likely butt heads with the more-publicized Joost, is getting some more time in the spotlight thanks to a profile in the International Herald Tribune. Of course, NTV readers got an early review of Babelgum with screenshots back in January.

Like before, we have a small amount of beta-testing invites to share, so drop us a message in the comments with an email address if you want one. (And then don’t forget to write back to tell us what you think!)


Sean D

Count me in please, always intersted in seeing what’s new in IPTV.


Yes please, 1 invite for Babelgum.

Hope I am not too late.


Leonard L. Seidl

Need an Invite for beta testing. Joost, Bablegum,
or NewTeeVee.
Thank you

Christian NPA

I’m not sure it is the right address, this one should work…


It would be highly appreciated if you send me one more (if any is left of course)

Thank you!


I would very much appreciate a Babelgum beta invitation. Since there are many people evaluating the deliverables of all of these new video hosting systems my thrust is on the ‘ease of use’ for those wanting to post video. The user interfaces include the good, the bad and the plug ugly.


i’m totally interested in checking out babelgum, and joost too! do you have any left?

J.R. Perez

Probably late too (you know, European time here), but if there are still any invitations left, it would be great if you could send one to the other side of the Atlantic… Thank you!

Tim Wilson

Paul – thanks for the post and tip. Like to give it a try from the Great White North – Always interested to see if us poor Canadians get the same access to content as our US neighbors. Not sure if your American readers realize that up here in Canada we can’t access a lot of the networks online content. Example we cannot watch episodes of LOST on ABC’s site. It blocks access from any Canadian IP’s. Sucks eh?
Anyway – love to get an invite if there are any left.


I am really interested in testing Babelgum. Have been using Joost and am eager to see what others are doing in order to push things forward!


yes, please: I’d love an invite. Anything with a nifty name such as Bubble..Babel…Bobble…gum has got to be good.


I’d certainly be interested in checking out the beta for Babelgum. I’m hearing waay too much about Joost, so I totally need to hear about an alternative.

Louis van Proosdij

Hello, I’m very interested by your beta invitation. You’ll get my email from this comment form right ? Or you need me to write it here clearly ?

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