Mobile Ad Round-Up: Vodafone; More Car Campaign; U.K. Off-Portal sites Take Ads


Vodafone Netherlands has a new twist on ad-funded schemes. Rather than copy other companies that target youth with free games and ringtones, Vodafone’s campaign aggressively is going after the enterprise market. Its offer caters to insurance resellers and pharmacists, providing both customer segments with free content from top publishers in their respective markets if they accept advertising. Insurance resellers receive ads and relevant free content from Dutch Insurance Network, and pharmacists receive a similar mix from a local healthcare publisher. Vodafone plans to extend this model to other target groups. Release.

In related news, Vodafone Germany has joined with DamilerChrysler to advertise the car new Mercedes C-Class car (aptly dubbed C – for yourself) on the Vodafone Live mobile portal. Users can check out the car on the portal and then

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