Kevin Smith Screens Galacticast

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Tim Shey dropped by the Giga Omni Media world headquarters in sunny San Francisco last week and said nice things about NewTeeVee. And at NewTeeVee, flattery will pretty much get you everywhere! Tim mentioned he’d read a post about Galacticast where I made a joke about Galacticast’s “hilariously optimistic wishlist.” Turns out the joke’s on me.

Yes, that’s director Kevin Smith in the video. At a comic book convention. With an “honor guard” of storm troopers. Watching Galacticast. Apparently there’s even more hilarity involving the costumed security detail, but you’ll have to wait for Tim’s project Pulp Secret to debut for that. Now I have to figure out how to get Casey and Rudy that lunch with Robert Rodriguez in Austin next week so I can get NewTeeVee an instant producer credit.

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Chuck Olsen

that’s awesome!
way to go Tim… fighting through stormtroopers and bitchy handlers, making dreams come true.

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