Heroes Episode Online Slightly Early


Hey, can’t wait until tomorrow evening to get your Heroes fix? Well, Episode 18, “Parasite” is currently available online as a torrent download at Mininova. No, I won’t tell you who Mr. Linderman is. And you’ll still have to wait for the NBC’s exclusive online preview of Spider-Man 3 until after the new episode officially airs.

There’s no clues as to how EZTV got it, but in their forums no one seems particularly inclined to look this gift horse in the mouth. And while the download is decidedly unofficial, and probably illegal, it’s yet another chink in OldTeeVee’s “appointment viewing” armor, much like the leak of 24 earlier in the year.

If you prefer to wait, kill some time by watching the Heroes versus The Office mashup that I’ve been looking for an excuse to post since last week.

Update: Should have known from the slightly early synopses of Lost posted in fan forums by Newfies — it’s a Canadian airing, eh. Global Television Network somehow wheedled a way through their contract to produce themselves some web buzz, intentionally or no.


Oliver Dueck

The reason why we get the episode a day early on Global TV is because on Monday nights, Global used to show Prison Break, Heroes, and 24. However, now they are showing the Black Donnellys on Monday nights instead of Heroes.

Same thing happened in the fall, when CTV aired Smith a day before it was on in the U.S.

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