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Virtual Hangout Gaia Closes Second Round Financing With $12M

Gaia Interactive, a San Jose, CA-based virtual space “hangout” geared towards young people, has raised $12.01 million in its second round financing, PEHub reported, citing a regulatory filing. The round was led by DAG Ventures, which was joined by returning backers Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures.
Online Avatar Social Network Gaia Gets $8.93 Million Funding

3 Responses to “Virtual Hangout Gaia Closes Second Round Financing With $12M”

  1. Remember. Everyone there gets paid. They work hard. So they need pay in proportion to the amount they work. Plus the cost of servers (They can be $10,000 EACH) And all other things. You don't know everything they need to pay for.

    It's like how teenagers know their parents earn an amount of money, and don't understand how much of that money is put into bills and such.