Verizon Wireless TXT plan changes


Verizon_wireless_logoJames alerted us in January that Verizon Wireless was increasing their individual TXT message rates from $.10 to $.15; that 50% price increase went into effect yesterday. If you decided to stick with Verizon, and not use the rate increase to bow out at no charge, you might want to check this press release that the carrier published yesterday. While the individual message rates have increased, Verizon is bumping up the amount of included messages in two of their four TXT feature plans; both plans also include Unlimited IN Messaging.

$15 a month used to net you 1,000 included messages; you’ll now get 500 more, which won’t help those callused fingertips, but will help the wallet. If you need the XXL $20 plan, you’ll be glad to hear that Verizon has doubled up on the 2,500 messages to now include 5,000. If you need more than that, I recommend just calling your friends; it’s cheaper and will save wear and tear on the fingers. ;)

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