Netcentrics releases new version of GTD Outlook add-in

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GTDI’m not a practicitioner of the Getting Things Done black art system but those who are usually swear by the method.  Netcentrics, developers of the GTD Outlook add-in have just released version 2.5 which among a lot of other things adds compatibility with Outlook 2007.  The new feature list is pretty impressive:

New Project Detail View
* Outlook 2007 compatible
* New GTD Options on the GTD toolbar
* Send and Action, Send and Someday, Send and Defer Buttons added to new, reply and forwarded messages
* Email logistics added to the appointment or task created from a processed message
* Relate a message to any task in your task list
* Delete original message while processing a message option

There are a few bug fixes in the new release so if you’ve delayed upgrading to Outlook 2007 for this upgrade no need to wait any longer.

NOTE:  Vista is not supported with this release but a compatible version is to be released in April.

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