Multi-touch interface video: Perceptive Pixel

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If you don’t yet believe that multi-touch interfaces will vastly change the we we interact with computers, you have to watch this short video that Mari Silby found over at Zatz Not Funny! I’ve seen these types of vids before, but this one might be the best example yet of how multi-touch will dynamically influence the future. I’m sure this demo took a ton of computing horsepower, but watch it for the concept and don’t think about what you’ll need to actually "run" this. My one concern: any time you vastly change how objects interact, people and computers in this case, there’s usually a steep learning curve. Still, this type of change will be exciting to watch: first on Apple’s phone and who knows where next? Can you see this on your next Tablet PC?

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Thats very cool, I’ve seen these before and have to agree that this would be awesome on a future generation of tablet pc.

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