Low-tech way to ditch those club cards


Just_one_club_cardLast I checked, my keychain had about eight of those annoying-to-carry but good-to-have discount store cards. You know the ones: they each have a barcode for a frequent customer discount? If I add one more to the keychain, my keys won’t fit into the ignition switch, so I was glad to see this low-tech, cool solution via Lifehacker.

Hop over to the Just One Club Card website and enter the barcodes from each of your cards. You’ll have to hope that your stores are available in the JOCC dropdown; if it is, the end result will lighten your keychain load; if not, you can request the store be added. JOCC will put all of the barcodes on a small, single sheet that you can print out and keep in your wallet. If you have a wallet filled with every receipt you get got like George Costanza had, this won’t help: in that case, you’re better off lugging the heavy keychain. Too bad most of these stores won’t take an image of the barcode right from my smartphone…..

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