Helen Mirren impressed with iPod video glasses


Helen Mirren OscarsActress Helen Mirren, who won an Academy Award Sunday for her lead performance in “The Queen,” was one of the visitors at the Oscars Gift Suite and, according to ezGear, was particularly impressed with their products for the Apple iPod.

Helen said she had to see them. She tried on the ezVision Video Glasses connected to our ezPlay portable DVD player. Upon putting on the ezVision, Helen simply said, “Brilliant, I have to have these!”

The ezVision Video Glasses simulate a 50″ virtual screen via a pair of glasses that have built-in earphones and an 8-hour rechargeable battery pack. It is compatible with iPods and DVD players.

She was equally impressed with the sound and features of the ezWake Alarm Clock for iPod. We told her that we would send her both products to her after the Oscars. The next day we got a call indicating that Helen hoped that she could get both products sooner. A messenger was sent to our suite to pick up the ezVision and the ezWake.

Nominees, presenters, and celebrities from this year’s Academy Awards were invited to the Oscar Gift Suites at the Roosevelt Hotel to receive their choice of over $40,000 in products & services.

ezGear wows Oscar winner Helen Mirren


video glasses

You can use these glasses with various sources, such as a portable media player or your cell phone. This technology promises to eliminate the dizziness phenomenon usually associated with this kind of display. And with these glasses weighing only about 40 grams, you’ll feel that you’re viewing a 40-inch screen from a distance of 7 feet.


video glasses

http://www.twift.com/LCD & Video Displays/Video Glasses/


Sounds like Honzas grapes are a bit on the sour side!


Did someone catch her credit card number? Oh, I forgot that celebs don’t usually pay for stuff.


I LOVE those glasses, i tried them at Haddock Computer (an apple reseller in Wichita, Kansas) and they were SSSOOOOO cool! They are a MUST have.

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