Flybook V5 now at Dynamism


V5The Dynamism folks aren’t resting on their laurels having clinched a deal with Best Buy.  I just got a notice that the next generation Flybook V5 is now available in the US exclusively at Dynamism.  The V5 is a sweet swivel screen device with a 8.9” screen and tablet functionality due to the installation of Vista on-board.  It also has every embedded wireless connectivity you can imagine, supporting HSDPA/ UMTS/ EDGE/ GPRS/ GSM out of the box, well once you insert a SIM card, that is.  The screen is 1024 x 600 widescreen and has a passive digitizer to boot which supports usage in either landscape or portrait orientation like any other convertible Tablet PC.  Oh I almost forgot, you can order one in either black, silver, gold or pink to match your outfit.


Muliadi Jeo

James. l am not sure who told you that it will be exclusive to Dynamism. We, iCUBE will carry V5 also. :)


I’ve been patiently waiting for this since CES. Look forward to some good in depth reviews. James, think it could ever replace Miyagi? The only killer for me here is the screen resolution. Lacking in screen real estate is a big deal especially because not only do I like to see multiple apps or windows open, I have several key applications that cannot be resized, and would not be usable on the V5. 1024×600 native is fine but at least have the option of higher rez.

Wonder what the price point is. It’s not on the dynamism site yet.

Not to mention the apparent lacking customer service & relations at Dialogue. I sent two emails in the last two months, which is not many by any means, with two simple questions (while clearly expressing interest in the product) and they’ve yet to respond. Anyone own a Dialogue product in the past that can speak about their customer service?

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