Bluetooth headset from Sagem: smallest yet?


Sagem_h4There’s small mobile tech and then there’s small mobile tech. Sagem’s H4 Bluetooth headset might be in its own category at just 35 x 18 x 12.5mm. Heck, it looks like it’s just double the size of the earbud. The H4 weighs a light eight grams, so can wear it all day and not have your head tilted to one side due to the extra weight. I do mean all day because this little bugger gets 5 hours talk / 100 hours standby. Until we all have BT secret agent earpieces or wireless ear implants, the H4 should keep its appeal at a tad over 52 pounds (UK). Then again when does small become too small? I’d hate to misplace this; I’ve already lost a PDA stylus and a micro-SD card this week!

(via pocket-lint)

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