After the breakup: Chris, XP and Vista


Earlier this week, Chris Pirillo announced his breakup with Windows Vista. It was particularly shocking to me since we have a 90-day wait period on all divorces here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (we’re NOT a state, darn it!). Chris skipped divorce court and all attempts at mediation; he just left Vista cold and "upgrade" to XP. I think he did a pretty fair job at explaining why in his blog post and I even shot him a note on the subject saying I respect his choice. After all, I remember writing a post called "The P in PC is Personal"; computing is a personal choice.

Today I saw via Twitter that Chris put a video up to further explain his own choice and answer questions sent to him on the situation. I just watched the 52 minute vid and it better explains in a detailed fashion why he made this choice. I’m a big Vista fan, but I see where Chris is coming from. His computing needs are different from mine, which are different from yours; that’s why I can use a UMPC as primary device for my tasks while other folks need a screamin’ fast desktop. It’s all about choice in the end; have a look at the video to hear why Chris made his choice.



I’m not sure I get all the fuss. I admit I left the video on in the background while I worked (and yet still felt compelled to skip forward a lot) so I may have missed something.

But it seems to me that he is only pointing (other than a couple issues like the access control interruptions) to typical issues for any new Windows release. Missing drivers or lack of compatible software versions.

Isn’t that to be expected? I am still pleasantly surprised when software and/or drivers are available for Vista. I’m a little disappointed if HP printer drivers are missing or it would blow me away if something like MS Office didn’t work. But aren’t we just talking about the pains of early adoption of a new OS?

It has always been a matter of new features vs compatibility. Productivity is almost always better with the old version for a while.

Am I way out in left field or what? Why isn’t anyone saying this? I must be missing something…


Mike Cane:

Alas, Apple does not cover every conceivable hardware segment of the market, so you are right that Apple is limited in that respect. There is nothing, however, like triple-booting OS X, XP, and Ubuntu on the same laptop (or running XP/Ubuntu through parallels most of the time). OS X and Ubuntu all of the command line/Unix goodness, and XP covers everything else.

Hopefully Apple will release a tablet macbook in the future, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Tablet PC User

I agree with Mike Cane, 52 mins with Chris is too much for me to handle! Plus his server seems to be down so i guess “the powers that be” agree with Mike and me! :P

Interestingly, Chris’ major was English education @ UNI. ( ) You would think he would know how to condense a statement rather that giving us the soap-opera version of his complaint.

Mike Cane

Carlos: No touchscreen! I’m hoping the rumors of touchscreens coming to Macs this year are true. But we already know that Jobs hates styluses (see iPhone intro video!), so what to do about HWR, eh? A shame, too, as Apple still owns killer HWR software from its Newton days.


Upgrade to a mac running OS X/XP/Ubuntu. Can’t be beat.

Mike Cane

Ctitanic: Why don’t you just “downgrade” back to XP? If you’re having such a problem with your current setup, why not drop back to the one that was actually more useful to you?!

And what’s this?! You now have a Q1?! What happened to the TK? Yeah, I haven’t read your blog in a while. *sigh*

Mike Cane

>>>52 minute vid

Like the first poster said. Except I will add: WTF?!!?

Listen, there are VERY few people I want to spend close to an hour with. I’d like to spend even LESS time with a stranger ranting about a fekkin TECH topic!

Someone time compress it to 60 seconds. Or make it in a blipvert.


what can I say beside that he is right. I spent 72 hours the last weekend looking for a tool record video from my Q1 screen. I have tested more than 10 different programs and in all of them I´m having synchronization problems between Video and Audio.

And… I understand his point. I used to create my little videos in my Q1, running XP, editing with Windows Movie Maker, and I was happy. Probably it was a little bit slow, but I was happy. Now, I have to record my video, pass that recording to a program where I can synch back audio and video – a very time consuming task – and after that, I have to turn ON my XP notebook which was may primary machine, and edit the video there!

That makes me very frustrated because I was able to do all that from my Q1! And now with Vista, beside the recognition which is a lot better than XP, I have all these other problems that were not there before in XP.

So… I have several friends asking me. Are you going to install Vista in your Notebook – I repeat that was main PC before I got my UMPCs – and my answer is or sound more like “are you crazy? No way.”

The only time when I’m recommending Vista is when you have a Tablet PC because the learning functionality in Vista from your handwriting is just awesome.

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