After the breakup: Chris, XP and Vista


Earlier this week, Chris Pirillo announced his breakup with Windows Vista. It was particularly shocking to me since we have a 90-day wait period on all divorces here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (we’re NOT a state, darn it!). Chris skipped divorce court and all attempts at mediation; he just left Vista cold and "upgrade" to XP. I think he did a pretty fair job at explaining why in his blog post and I even shot him a note on the subject saying I respect his choice. After all, I remember writing a post called "The P in PC is Personal"; computing is a personal choice.

Today I saw via Twitter that Chris put a video up to further explain his own choice and answer questions sent to him on the situation. I just watched the 52 minute vid and it better explains in a detailed fashion why he made this choice. I’m a big Vista fan, but I see where Chris is coming from. His computing needs are different from mine, which are different from yours; that’s why I can use a UMPC as primary device for my tasks while other folks need a screamin’ fast desktop. It’s all about choice in the end; have a look at the video to hear why Chris made his choice.


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