Modeo Mobile TV Service — Day One Review

Gizmodo has a beta handset for the Modeo DVB-H mobile broadcast TV network set up in New York, and has a piece up on the first impression. The streaming quality was good, but the time required to change channels needs attention before the service goes live. The channels in the trial include: Fox News, Fox Sports, MSNBC, CNBC, E! and Discovery — similar to the Verizon line-up but with E! and Discovery, and no Comedy Central or ESPN. The reviewer was also taken with the eight Music Choice radio channels (he later wonders where he’s going to watch the TV, since it doesn’t work in the subway and watching it while walking and driving are out — radio doesn’t have these restrictions). “The sound quality through the phone’s speakers is better than say, standard radio, but nothing mind-blowing.” He also noted that you have to turn the sound right up to hear it, which makes for an annoying ringtone.
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