First Look: Verizon V Cast Mobile TV AKA Qualcomm MediaFlo


Verizon V Cast Mobile TV Debuts: LettermanAs luck would have it, I happen to be in one of the markets where Verizon V Cast Mobile TV is live. I actually contacted Verizon PR earlier this week, asking if the service was launching March 1 as I thought might be the case and I was fairly sure Seattle would be one of the first markets. No, I was told. No launch this week but still on track for first quarter. When I later called Verizon on that misdirection, I was told the company didn’t consider this to be an actual launch. True, it’s not a full rollout but going live in 20 markets with a service that’s available for use pretty much constitutes a launch. Playing semantics with a straightforward query doesn’t win any blue ribbons.
Verizon did scramble to make sure I had the TV-capable Samsung handset today, though, and so far the service lives up to its billing. In the past, I’ve only been able to try in controlled conditions or for a few minutes at a time. This time, it was on my terms. The detailed first look is at our sister site,

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